This is the launch of the new single from The Surfisticats, 

our tune “The 2nd Wave” written by our bass player Gus Glen.

(Video - Chris Magee, Bopflix; audio - Sam Inglis.)

Crank it up with decent speakers!

This song is available to download and purchase on Bandcamp at, along with three other original tunes as part of our EP

The Surfisticats Strut.

Please support the band. Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and check out for news, live dates and more. We’ll be releasing further videos soon.

Live we play a mix of our originals and covers of classic surf instrumentals, perfect for dancing!

We had our track GItano featured on the 'Catching A Wave' internet-radio show in June '23.

Check it out here! (our track starts at the 55.30 mark approx').

We were "featured artist of the week" on the "Peterborough's Most Wanted" programme on PCRFM, they played three of our tracks at the beginning of the show.

You can listen (and watch) here.

We will be making a live appearance on the show early next year.

The Surfisticats are proudly associated with Great Eastern FX